ERP Systems

Happy systems for happy companies

Enterprise Resource Planning system has to be manageable. We develop convenient and easiest to apply ERP systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

What ERP system modules are needed to optimize and speed up your business? After all, possible ERP functionality starts with business accounting and ends with an analysis of business performance. Or maybe what you need is a fully customized ERP solution? That is why we begin the cooperation by determining exactly which time-wasting processes can be optimized in precisely your business activities.

We take care only of those functions that are really necessary for your business and will actually be used. Large system volume does not by itself mean that the system is convenient. Large ERP systems are expensive, employees do not like them and their functionality is never fully exploited. Small and medium-sized businesses need an optimal size system – one that is easy to get used to and pleasant to operate.

Our Developed Systems:
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system to build profitable customer relationships
  • Logistics management system to optimize logistics processes
  • Reservation management system to manage rental objects
  • Sales management system to optimize sales processes
  • Document management system to manage documents effectively
  • Projects management system to optimize project realization

We develop other customized systems for business taking into account your business practice specifications and the non-standard processes that you would like to automate.

We usually develop web based (Cloud) ERP systems thus ensuring easier access, simpler administration and lower cost. If needed, we also install the systems on the company‘s internal server.

Contact us now and let’s find out which business management tools are needed to speed up your business.