About Future IT

We work for your players to be leaders

Happy Systems for Happy Companies

We don’t need to do a survey to know that most companies in the world are displeased with their CRM’s, ERP’s or other systems used to manage projects, sales, data and people. Instead of simplifying life, these systems become sources of stress, confusion, misunderstandings and conflicts.

Old habits are never easy to change. But habits do start to change as soon as people start to experience positive emotions. If a system is joyful in nature, productivity is bound to grow, as is motivation. At FUTURE IT, we develop business management tools with this goal in mind. The architecture of any system must never be too complicated, but should rather improve efficiency by way of engaging and exciting its users in the most simple and playful way possible.

The clients that we enjoy working with the most are companies and people that enjoy doing what they do! To help them be happy at work, we develop systems that impose order and ‘hygiene’ on the complexity of internal company processes. We like to think of these systems as strategic maps that give managers a bird’s eye view of their company’s overall performance. In this strategic game, each employee plays his own exciting and thought-provoking game.

Your Future. Your Game.

Future IT develops both universally-applicable and tailor-made tools for the management of sales, projects, production, reservations, warehousing and other essential business activities. One of our bestselling tools is HANNA CRM, a do-it-all system for small and medium-sized enterprises.

For larger companies with complex and unique processes, Future IT develops individual solutions. Bigger, however, should never mean more complicated.

Our tailor-made business management tools are carefully matched to the pre-existing structure of your processes. We begin each new cooperation by asking the essential question ‘Where does it hurt?’.

Solutions are then developed based on a sound understanding of your problems and pains. What we do then is transform these sources of pain to sources of efficiency and joy. You are then ready to meet the future. You are ready to play the game.


We are using modern tools to achieve reliable quality final result.


Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony, CodeIgniter


MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

User interface

HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Node.js, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, jQuery, React

Development tools

Composer, Sentry, Vagrant, PhpStorm, DeployHQ, Amazon AWS

Other tools

BitBucket, GitHub, Sentry, Slack, MockFlow